Apartment "G"

Back Office "E"

Office Suite "C"

This is the main part of the original home. It has been renovated with a kitchenette, harwood floors and fireplace insert.


The former two car garage is now a three room suite with a storeroom.

This mixed use property has downstairs commercial spaces, an apartment upstairs and a residential duplex in back.

The office suite "C" is the only space now available at 231 Green Valley Road. It consists of 520 square feet: a reception/office/waiting room, two separate offices, a storage room and a bathroom. New double pane windows and new carpeting will be installed at the beginning of May. It is very clean and nice.

Rent is $750/month

Security deposit is $1125

Will be available in early May.

Landlord pays for water, garbage and sewer.

Unit "C" has its own PG&E meter which the tenant will be responsible for.

This is a mixed use property. The upstairs of the large house is one apartment. The downstairs are all commercial spaces. In the back, off Hi Grade Lane, is a larger parking area and a small duplex with two apartments. The advantage of mixed use is that there are always people on the site. Also, the parking needs are better served by the residents needing to park on the nights and weekends and the business folks needing the parking during the work days.

​To reach the Landlord, call 831-454-8699 and leave a message.

This upstairs 2 bedroom apartment is very private and "above it all."

Three separate offices are combined into a spacious office suite off High Grade Lane.

Two 425 sq. ft. apartmetns are off High Grade Lane. Each is self contained and private.



Office Suite "A"